About Us

History of our Agency

The Oaks Collective started with longstanding friendships and a shared passion to inspire people to live significant lives. Built on a foundation of many collective years of experience in creative communication, we have grown from small beginnings to a professional team of communication strategists, brand developers, creative directors, videographers, designers, sound engineers, editors, animators, copywriters… all storytellers par excellence.

We have grown to become a reputable communication and production company with versatility and capacity to offer tailor-made solutions to a wide range of industries.

Animated logo of The Oaks Collective

Our Promise

In a hard and fast corporate environment one of the best ways to connect will always be the time-honoured custom of shaking hands. We delight in offering you that digital handshake. That connection point with your audience.

And as we shake hands with you we pledge to:

  • Look you in the eye
  • Be trustworthy custodians of your brand
  • Understand who you are and what you require
  • Tell your story, and tell it splendidly
  • Exceed your expectations, every time
  • Make decisions on what’s best for you, not us
  • Celebrate life together as we work together
  • Reveal and articulate your significance

In short, we promise to understand you. And to surprise you.

Can we let you know when a new product has seen the light?