Film & Video - The Oaks Collective

Video And Film

Product Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Testimonials, Inspirational, Films, Launch Videos, Social Media Teasers, Music Videos, Journalistic, Promotional, Training, Advertorial, Content Generation, Television Advertisements, Live Recordings, Online Learning Platforms

Graphic Design - The Oaks Collective

Design and Marketing

Web Design including UX and UI, Social Media Campaigns, Content Generation, Presentation Design (Power Point and Keynote), Digital Marketing, App Development and Design, SEO, Brochures, Posters, Banners, Spatial Design, Expo design, Industrial Design, Corporate Gifts, Packaging, Apparel

Brand Development - The Oaks Collective


Logo design, Visual language, Corporate Identity, Digital and Print Stationary, Branding of Collateral, Personal Branding, Brand Custodianship, Public Relations

Animation - The Oaks Collective

Animation and Motion Design

Video Infographics, 2D Explainers, 3D Visual Product Video, Illustrations, VFX, Simulations

Strategy Consultation - The Oaks Collective


Brand Identity, Marketing Execution, Internal Communication, Employee Culture Cultivation, Team Building, Business Coaching .

Studio - The Oaks Collective


Studio and crew rental, Virtual Studio Design and Recording, Webcast, Broadcast, Voiceovers, Television, Audio Design, Audio Mix and Mastering, Composing and Scoring

Let's talk

We realise that needs and expectations differ from person to person, so the best way to get to know your needs is to sit down with us over coffee (or some wine) and figure it out together.